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Flexible Heated Transfer Hoses for the Plastics Industry

Hose Construction

Heating The heating element is wound around the stainless steel pressure braiding; the heating element is then covered with a glass fibre-insulating layer. A nickel-plated copper braiding is wound over the insulation; this also acts as a safety earth.
Thermocouple The thermocouple sensor is placed in contact with the stainless steel pressure braiding below the heating element. The standard temperature sensor fitted is Fe-CuNi, J type. Other types of sensor can be fitted on request, e.g. NiCr-Ni or PT100.
Insulation Several layers of glass fibre insulation cover the heating element and thermocouple.
This in turn is covered with a silicone foam layer, which offers a high degree of thermal insulation and a 'warm to touch' property, reducing hand and arm skin burns.
External layer An external polyamide braiding protection helps to protect the insulation from scuffs and abrasions.
For additional protection a stainless steel braiding is available.
Connections The standard heating hose are supplied with a single cable 1.5M long and a 7-pin DIN plug. The plug comprises of single phase to pin 1 or 2, a neutral supply to pins 3 or 4. Pins 5 and 6 are thermocouple pins. Centre pin7, is the earth pin. A panel-mounted socket can be supplied to enable simple connection to the spare tool zone temperature controller.
End Fittings The end fitting or threaded connector are available in metric and BSP threads. There are also two styles of connectors Plain Flanged End and Universal Conical 15 (male)

Heated hoses manufactured specifically for the
plastics extrusion industry

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